Family Gardens Rules and Conditions

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers Board of Trustees is the highest governing authority at the Holton Eco-Preserve Family Gardens.

Breaking any rules, terms, and conditions is cause for exclusion from the Family Gardens and loss of your garden bed(s).

  1. You will receive an email notice.
  2. In two weeks, if no response or correction has been made, you will receive a final notification that you have forfeited your gardening privileges and respective bed fees.
  3. You will be allowed to reapply for another garden bed only at the discretion of the garden manager.

As a Family Gardens gardener,

  1. I use this garden at the sole discretion of the Holton Eco-Preserve Family Gardens. I agree to abide by its policies and practices. I agree to pay appropriate fees and attend the Family Gardens orientation before gardening in my bed(s).
  2. The fee(s) for the use of the garden are as stipulated on the Family Gardens Application. There are no refunds.
  3. Once I have been assigned a bed, I will cultivate and plant it within two weeks, weather permitting. I will garden throughout the period of my rental. My bed cannot be left fallow or unused for any period of two weeks or longer, more than one time during the rental period. I will discuss with the garden staff how to prepare my garden if I intend to not cultivate it for a short period of time. Abandoned beds will be repurposed and maintained by garden staff to protect the integrity of other gardeners’ beds.
  4. I will visit my garden bed only during Family Gardens operating hours, as posted.
  5. My bed is approx. 4 x 8 feet. I will not expand my bed beyond this measurement or into paths or other beds. I will keep all my plants within the limits of my garden bed and will not allow any plants to grow more than the height limits for the Gardens. I must keep my bed free of weeds, pests and diseases.
  6. I will keep my bed, paths, and surrounding areas clean and neat. I will completely separate my trash into three groups: 1) dead plants, leaves, and other green waste plant parts; 2) rocks, stones, and asphalt; and 3) paper, plastic, cardboard, wood, metal, etc. I will put each type of trash only in the areas designated specifically for each. Anything I bring from my home I will take back home. I will not bring household trash and leave it at the Family Gardens.
  7. I will not plant any illegal plant. I will not smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, use illegal drugs, or gamble in the garden. I will not come to the garden while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. I will not bring weapons or pets or other animals to the Family Gardens. I will not use chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides. I understand that bird netting is prohibited.
  8. Guests and visitors, including children, may enter the garden only if I accompany them. They must follow all rules, terms, and conditions stated herein. I will supervise my children at all times when they are in the garden. I am solely responsible for the behavior of my guests.
  9. If I have chosen not to use the automatic watering system, I will water my bed according to Family Gardens guidelines. Unattended watering with devices not sanctioned by Family Gardens is not permitted.
  10. I will attend the Family Gardening orientation class before beginning my gardening activities.
  11. I will not take food or plants from other gardeners’ beds. I will not take anything from the garden that is not rightfully mine.
  12. I will respect other gardeners and their property, and I will conduct myself in a manner consistent with the spirit of the Family Gardens.
  13. I will work to keep the garden a happy, secure, and enjoyable place where all participants can garden and socialize peacefully in a neighborly manner.
  14. I understand that neither the Holton Eco-Preserve and its Family Gardens nor the owners of the land are responsible for my actions. I therefore agree to hold harmless the Holton Eco-Preserve and its Family Gardens and the owners of the land for any liability, damage, loss, or claim that occurs in connection with use of the Family Gardens by me or my guests.