Escape room games are an excellent way to enhance your cognitive capabilities.

Expansion Pack

Offering company team events can boost sales. More companies are turning to escape rooms as a recruitment tool and team-building activity.

Business Groups

These business groups are more likely to play on weekdays, although they often fill appointments during the quieter hours. Businesses also tend to bring larger groups than the average customer. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. But marketing is important, too. To be successful, you need to have a well-developed website, bookable on major search engines, and invest in Search Engine Advertising.

Decade of Success

After a decade of success, the genre of escape room games has spread around the world. In Hungary, the first escape room was opened by Attila Gyurkovics, who started the company Parapark in 2011. Today, there are over twenty locations throughout Europe, Australia, and the United States. In Asia, the concept is being developed by the Japanese company SCRAP. The game was a hit, attracting up to 1,000 people in just a few hours.

Interactive Game

Escape room games, as their name suggests, are a type of interactive game that requires the players to use clues, hidden objects, and hints to solve puzzles.


This type of game is relatively new, but it draws inspiration from many other types of media. It is also unique in that it requires the team to work together to complete the mission.


The origins of escape room games can be traced back to a screenplay written by Tone Purzycki in 2011. This screenplay involved an actor who was stranded in a situation and had to solve puzzles to escape.

The first escape room games were simple point-and-click video games. In Japan, the first escape room game was called "Crimson Room". In 2007, a Japanese company called SCRAP Entertainment introduced a real-world escape room. In this game, players must use clues to discover a hidden object or solve a mystery to escape. The popularity of the game quickly spread throughout Asia and Europe. The first escape room game in the United States was opened in San Francisco in 2012. In 2013, three hundred and sixty-seven escape rooms had been registered in the United States.

Video Game

The escape room genre has evolved from the popular video game genre known as “Takagism.” Many of these video games feature first-person perspective and are known as “escape the room” games. The genre of “escape the room” games grew in popularity with the growth of internet access. Escape rooms are a popular entertainment genre and have gained in popularity worldwide. Players can search for an escape room in their area or across the world. The industry grew exponentially in recent years, driven by the demand for immersive experiences. People no longer want to sit and watch, they want to FEEL and DO. With this in mind, many companies began to offer escape room experiences online.


Logic puzzles are the most common type of puzzle in escape room games. They do not require deep thought or multiple collaboration, and can be solved with just one person’s input. These puzzles can be anything from finding patterns to decrypting messages. They can also involve connecting similar items or solving a light bulb puzzle.

Horror silhouette inside abandoned creepy room with window at night. Horror scene. Halloween concept.

Logic puzzles are usually made up of a series of clues. The key is to make a connection between the clues. This connection is often based on a common property that two clues share, such as color, shape, size, or pattern.